International Students


At BSI College, we understand that coming from another country just means that you need a bit of an extra hand. That is why we have put together information in order to make the process much smother.
Once you have enrolled, please request a letter from our Admin department to facilitate application for a study permit.

Study Permits :

 For students applying for a study permit from their Home Country please contact the South African Embassy or Consulate within your Country.

Documents Usually Needed

Passport Valid for no less than 30 days after expiry of intended visit.

A medical Certificate.

A radiology report.

Police clearance certificates in respect of applicants 18 years and older, in respect of all countries where person resided one year or longer.

An official letter from the relevant institution confirming provisional acceptance at that institution and the duration of the course.

In the case of a minor (i.e. a person under 21), written permission by both parents and sole custody parent: Provided that relevant documentation proving sole custody is produced.

The particulars of the person(s) in the Republic who will act as the minor learner’s guardian and a confirmatory letter from intended guardian.

Proof of medical cover recognized in the Republic

Proof of sufficient fund to cover tuition fees, subsistence and incidental costs.

(Please note that the information provided above needs to be double checked with the department of home affairs)

Please find below the details of some of the services you need to use for your application:

X-Rays & Medicals - R350.00

Physical Address
Radiology Department
8.30am - 12.00pm
Anzio Road
Telephone Number: (021) 442 1800
Fax Number: (021) 442 1851
General information:
 (Bring Passport along)
+- 1 hour for results
Police Clearance
Physical Address
At any Police Station
Price R59
6 to 8 weeks for results
French to English
Physical address
155, Loop Street
P.O. Box 16 527
8001 Cape Town Vlaeberg 8018
Tel +27 - (0)21 423 5699
Fax +27 - (0)21 423 57 04
Price : R125
Up to 1 week for collection
Medical cover
021 468 2900
Price: R 329/month with a minimum of 6 months (R1974)
Please note that Ingwe and UCT are for people within the Republic